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At Durban Dental Centre we have our very own Dental Laboratory to service the East Sussex area. This means that there are no long waiting times for many jobs – for example we can fix most dentures within the hour. For more information about our dental lab contact us or email us at

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We are fortunate to have our own crown and bridge dental laboratory at Durban Dental Centre. This means decreased waiting times for patients, lower costs and higher quality work.


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We also produce high quality work for other dental surgeries, within budget and on time, every time.

For Dental Professionals, if you would like information on our laboratory service, please telephone reception.

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Here you are able to download our prescription form, allowing swift and easy access to our services.

Should you have any queries or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01892 610200.

Dental Laboratory Price List

Porcelain Bonded Crown£95.00Full or ¾ cast metal Crowns (yellow or white alloy) – 60% (up to 3g)£150.00
Integral Post Crown£120.00Full or ¾ cast metal Crowns (yellow or white alloy) – 10% (over 3g POA)£120.00
Maryland/Rochette Bridge£110.00Gold inlay/Onlay (price plus Gold)£50.00
Cantilever Maryland/Rochette£95.00Inlay NPM (yellow, white or alloy)£50.00
Wing£15.00Full NPM Crown£50.00
Post & Core£40.00Porcelain bonded on implant (price + abutment)£110.00

Metal Free Price List

E.max pressed crown/inlay/onlay/veneer£100.00E.max crown on Implant (price + abutment)£110.00
(EXPRESS 24hr service available. Subject to prior arrangement. Fees on application)
E.max 2 unit bridge£180.00E.max 3 unit bridge£270.00

Additional Items Price List

Diagnostic wax ups (price per unit)£20.00Plastic fixed articulator£7.00
Study models angle trimmed (price per set)£25.00Study models round trimmed£15.00
Bleach trays/per tray£21.00Bleach trays/per tray (with reservoirs)£31.00
Clear Mouth Guard 4mm£30.001 Colour Mouth Guard/4mm£35.00
Soft Night Guard/2mm£25.00  
Vacuum Formed Retainers (each)£30.00Vacuum Formed Aligners/one tooth (£5.00 per extra tooth)£35.00
Shade taking at laboratory£50.00Shade taking in surgery (per hour from lab)£100.00


Denture Repair£40.00Denture addition£45.00
Per Tooth£5.00Express Denture Repair (same day)£20.00

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