Mercury Free

Durban Dental Centre is committed to providing an amalgam free environment. We do not use or stock amalgam in the building, using white fillings only.

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Amalgam Free- Protecting the environment, safer for you.

The practice was one of the first in the country, to fit amalgam traps well before the EU requirement. Amalgam slurry containing mercury used to be dumped into drains every week, now it is collected in traps and disposed of safely.

Amalgam (fillings containing mercury and heavy metals) is considered to be harmful and not readily eliminated by the body. At Durban Dental Centre we use bio compatible materials that are known to be more aesthetic to the body and these materials are one of the major focuses in holistic dentistry.We remove amalgam safely and replace it with materials that the body is more compatible with. Although we don’t have a toxicity meter at the practice, we are happy to refer patients to a practitioner if they believe they are suffering symptoms of mercury poisoning, however testing for toxicity can be complex and somewhat unreliable.

Click here to view the amalgam removal protocol.

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