Our Phased Return to Routine Practice Continues

We are writing to update you on our position as our phased return to routine practice continues. We have made good progress on working our way through the numerous patients who, during lock down, have experienced pain and who had incomplete treatments.

We are now working towards the next phase and are looking to introduce extra capacity and time to enable us to resume routine care, including dental examinations and hygiene visits. If you have missed routine appointments during lock down or are due to make your routine appointments please contact us on 01892 652377 and we will endeavour to book you in.

We will continue to provide necessary dental care to all of our patients in the safest possible environment and we request your full cooperation with any new or modified procedures at the practice.

For those not already familiar with the new measures at the practice please refer to the information below.


New measures at Durban Dental Centre to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission

We have always worked to high levels of cross infection control and those of you who have attended for implants are aware, we are already very familiar with the use of enhanced level PPE. Infection control  is fundamental in all the clinical activity carried out at the practice. We have collectively evaluated all the information and guidance from numerous sources and established a patient journey which is aimed at protecting you, our staff and our fellow clinicians. This has meant that we have had to completely restructure the practice workflow and the way that we carry out procedures. We have initially reduced our staffing levels in the building and shall be working with a skeleton team to maintain social distancing. We apologise in advance for the change in our appearance, whilst our necessary new dress code may make us seem impersonal, please be assured that we are still the same friendly team underneath.

Before attending the practice

  • All visits to the practice will be appointment only. Should you wish to make an appointment, please call us on 01892 652377 or email us at reception@durbandentalcentre.co.uk.
  • We will carry out a pre attendance assessment to update your medical history and also include some questions regarding coronavirus infection risk. If we feel that you are in a medium to high risk group (i.e. you have current symptoms) we will respectively request that we delay booking your appointment for at least 14 days or longer if you are still showing symptoms. We are sending out a pre appointment pack via SMS. The appointment pack is located on a link at the bottom of your appointment reminder SMS. This needs to be filled out the day before your appointment.
  • We would recommend that patients in a high risk group who have been advised to shield by their GP or hospital consultant, should delay dental treatment for as long as possible.
  • We will operate a payment in advance policy for some treatment phases. As part of the pre attendance phone call, the reception team will also take payments when possible (this may not always be possible as treatment may have to be done on the day), which will reduce the need for unnecessary contact at the desk and keep the reception area clear to allow for social distancing.
  • Appointments have been staggered to allow patients to arrive at different times. All patients who attend will need to be alone as we are not able at this time to accommodate additional visitors. The exception to this will be patients who are not able to legally consent for themselves they will be allowed one chaperone, this also applies to patients who attend with their carer. All chaperones will need to bring a mask or face covering to wear whilst they are in the practice.
  • When you arrive at the practice please call reception on 01892 652377 to check that the dental team is ready for your appointment. When you come to the front door a member of the team wearing a mask, gloves and visor, will then come to the door and collect you. We will take your temperature with a non-touch thermometer. If your temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius you will not be permitted to enter the practice and will be asked to return home to self- isolate as per current government guidelines.
  • If you are well, we ask you to limit personal belongings and leave what you can in your car to reduce the risk of contamination of your personal property. Please bring a mask or face covering with you which must be worn inside the building. Then you will be administered some alcohol based hand rub for you to clean your hands. At reception you will reconfirm that you have no covid symptoms and a consent to carry out treatment will be required. This will be done using our tablets or laminated forms provided for those who are unable to access forms via SMS.
  • You will then be escorted to the treatment room where you will meet your dentist. You will be asked not to touch any handrails or door handles on your journey in and out of the practice (where at all possible).
  • At the end of your visit you will be escorted out of the building by a member of the team. If you need to make another appointment/make any payments you will be asked to go back to reception following the social distancing measures.
  • We regret that during this time, we will not be providing our cold water service and all magazines have been removed from the waiting area, as well as any non- necessary items, so the practice may appear a little bare when you arrive.
  • Please note there is limited access to washroom facilities at this time, therefore may we please ask that you clean your teeth before coming to the practice. When using the restrooms there are specific instructions about the spread of Covid-19. Please ensure that should you need to use the toilet, follow the hand hygiene instructions in the room, as well as use the alcohol hand rub in the dispenser located inside the room. The restrooms will be cleaned at regular intervals during the day.
  • As a team we have spent a lot of time critically looking at every aspect of the practice and our protocols. All clinical rooms  and common spaces will regularly disinfected at set times during the day as well as the standard disinfection of the water lines in all our dental chairs which has always been performed at regular times each day.

This policy will be reviewed and updated by our clinical team as time goes by and guidelines change. We all very much look forward to seeing you again at the practice.

We thank you for your continued patient loyalty and trust in our care.



The Team at Durban Dental Centre

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