Clear Aligner

Teeth can be straightened in many ways and the traditional metal train tracks are still very common. However, these days clear brackets and tooth coloured wires are more popular.

The optimum aesthetic solution is clear invisible removable aligners. The clear aligners are made in series and treatment can be completed in as little 3-6 months. One of the latest systems is the Smilelign invisible aligner system


Smilelign treatment is completed with a series of virtually invisible, removable aligners. The aligners are changed every two to four weeks for the next stage. Each aligner is carefully designed for your teeth and will move your teeth in very small increments little by little, week by week. You will wear the clear aligners until they have moved your teeth to the final position prescribed by your dentist. If you are unsure whether smilelign would work for you, book today for a free orthodontic consultation.

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