White Fillings

Durban Dental Centre is completely amalgam free and have been for many years. Large black amalgam fillings normally require replacement at some point in time, otherwise they may fracture or leak. Apart from being unsightly, metal fillings become rough and dark due to metal tarnish. These days people are opting to have their old amalgam fillings removed as a matter of course and replaced with a more aesthetically pleasing and biocompatible material.

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Amalgam Removal Protocol

The protocol is as follows:•

  • Cover the patient with waterproof bib and absorbent napkin to avoid splashes.
  • Patient must wear eye protection,
  • Dentist and nurse must wear eye protection and mask.
  • Windows are to be opened for ventilation.
  • Rubber dam is placed around the tooth to isolate it and to protect the mouth and airway.
  • All removal must be done under cold water spray with copious amounts of water.
  • Use high volume evacuation with amalgam traps so that any debris does not enter the environment.
  • Section amalgams and remove in as large pieces as possible.
  • Remove and properly dispose of rubber dam and mercury after amalgam removal.
  • We try to remove no more than two amalgams per appointment.
  • We don’t remove amalgams from a pregnant woman.

White (composite) fillings are an excellent way to return the tooth to its original colour and shape.

Our great care and skill in using strong aesthetic filling materials allow us to painlessly place fillings to re-create the original shape and colour of your teeth.

Where the damage to your teeth has been greater, we can use tooth coloured laboratory precision inlays and onlays to restore your damaged teeth to their original form and function.

More extensive tooth damage may require a crown to safeguard the tooth against further damage.

Amalgam removal

Amalgam (fillings containing mercury) is considered to be harmful and not readily eliminated by the body.

At Durban Dental Centre we use bio compatible materials that are known to be more aesthetic to the body and these materials are one of the major focuses in holistic dentistry.

Although we don’t have a toxicity meter at the practice, we are happy to refer patients to a practitioner if they believe they are suffering symptoms of mercury poisoning, however testing for toxicity can be complex and somewhat unreliable.

For more information or to discuss amalgam removal, please contact the practice.



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