Orthodontics Services

From the age of six, proper development of children's jaw bones can be encouraged by early assessment and correction of any growth discrepancy, to align the teeth without the need for extraction with our orthodontics services. Similar treatment is also regularly carried out on adults of any age. This may also lead to relief of some head and neck pain, including migraine and clicking joints.

Many people have crowded or crooked teeth. Total orthodontic treatment with our orthodontic services will straighten the teeth or move them into a better position. This can not only improve their appearance but also the way the teeth bite together, while also making them easier to clean. When the teeth don’t meet correctly, this can put strain on the muscles of the jaw, causing jaw and joint problems and in some cases headaches. Orthodontic treatment can help you to bite more evenly and reduce the strain. Orthodontic treatment can be done by many sorts of appliances, which most people know as ‘braces’.

Success depends on a partnership between the skills of the orthodontist, and the enthusiasm and help of patient and parents. It is important to attend regularly and carry out any instructions given by the orthodontist. The success of the treatment also depends on the commitment of the patient. For children’s orthodontic services it is very important that the patient is as keen as the parent. When treatment is finished the teeth need to be held in position for a time. This period is called retention, and the appliances that hold the teeth in place are called retainers. The retainers hold newly straightened teeth in position while the surrounding gum and bone settles. The retainers can be removable or fixed depending on the original problem.

Orthodontics Services

Fixed Braces

Fixed tooth coloured brackets...

Inman Aligner

Orthodontics in 6-16 weeks...

Clear Aligner

Invisible removable braces...


Orthodontics Services Testimonial

I had been very self-conscious of my uneven teeth for many years, particularly the top front two which overlapped very noticeably. I didn’t like smiling in photos and always felt that people were looking at me critically. I hadn’t considered that anything could be done with them, but a consultation with Ahmet convinced me that it wasn’t a lost cause. The teeth straightening treatment properly aligned my teeth and was simple and painless and, to my surprise, took far less time (approximately 3 months) than I had been anticipating. The results are amazing – my teeth are straight and white and my self-confidence has improved hugely. I am so happy with what Ahmet has achieved for me and I would recommend Durban Dental to anyone considering similar treatment.

- G Wakeford

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