Invisible Braces – Introducing Smilelign Technology

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Do you have crowded or crooked teeth? It can mean much more than an imperfect smile. Straighten your teeth and you might find eating a lot easier and more pleasurable. It often makes your teeth easier to clean, without all those odd-shaped gaps to contend with. And it can reduce strain on your jaw muscles, getting rid of joint problems and even reducing headaches.

Does teeth straightening mean big, clumsy, obvious braces? Not any more. The latest technology involves invisible teeth straighteners, made of see-through plastic that doesn’t show anywhere near as much as old fashioned-style braces.

We love Smilelign, in our opinion the best invisible braces we’ve come across. Smilelign has been providing excellent dental care solutions for quite some time. They specialise in contemporary teeth straightening techniques and their clear braces are very popular.

Do you want to be able to smile more confidently, enjoy your food more and have teeth that are easier to look after for a brighter future? We provide invisible braces in Sussex and Kent. Here are some Smilelign facts to help you decide.

6 facts about Smilelign teeth straightening technology

  1. First we’ll carry out a special scan of your teeth, then we’ll take a fast, painless and accurate impression of them
  2. Your aligners are custom made to fit your teeth
  3. Your dentist will make sure they fit perfectly before putting them in for you
  4. Treatment involves a series of aligners, so you’ll have regular checks to make sure things are progressing in the right way
  5. The time it takes to straighten your teeth depends on which teeth you’re having straightened, and how much they need to be moved
  6. You can take them out to brush your teeth, floss and eat, which makes good hygiene easy

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